Skin Bliss Customized Face Treatment

This facial is customized at every step based on your needs. Includes exfoliation, treatment mask, shoulder and neck massage, hand and arm massage. $85 1 hour/$115 1 hour 30 min

Men's Skin Care Treatment

This treatment will address the issues of dehydration, sensitivity, and breakout with a deep cleansing, exfoliation and hydrating treatment mask. $85 1 hour / $115 1 hour 30 min

Express Facial

This is for those who needs a quick fix but dont have a lot of time. Effective support with a thorough deep cleanse for potent maintenance treatment. this express facial uses digestive enzymes to support normal to problematic skin while done in less time with still the same great results! finished off with an oxygen pulsation or infusion treatment. $65 / 30 mins


Pumpkin Delight-

With superior antioxidants from two of the most important vitamins, Vitamin A and Beta carotene  the latest in vitamin repair to treat prematurely aging skin. This treatment improves skin elasticity, tone, and texture.You will notice a smoother texture and brighter skin tone – the overall result, healthier, glowing skin!$95 1 hour


Skin Rejuvenating Oxygen Facial

This facial delivers visible plumping of fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out. Helps to repair sun-damaged skin, hydrates and smooth's skin surface. Putting oxygen into the skin helps to control acne by reducing acne-causing bacteria. Leaving the skin hydrated delivering a beautiful glow to the skin. $115 / 1 hour

*24k Gold Extraordinaire Facial with Oxygen Treatment- Luxury Anti-Aging

Relax the body and refresh the spirit with an extraordinary treatment that will soothe, rejuvenate and nourish the skin with incredible presence of this precious metal. Gold dust has an immediate tensing effect. It reinforces and lifts the skin's luminosity. This treatment combines the magic of hands, superior product, and ambiance that sets the tone for any amazing facial making it an Experience! Bathe in the luxury of indulgence.  $125 / 90 mins Add Microdermabrasion $160

*Extraordinaire Algae Facial with Oxygen- Luxury Anti-Aging

Rejuvenate and nourish the skin with incredible presence of marine algae, enriched with linseed and aloe vera. Linseed provides oil and mucilages with soothing, emollient and softening effects. Aloe leaves contribute moisture, enzymes, vitamins and oligo elements therefore having a soothing, tonifying and anti-irritant actions. Allantoin adds the benefits of stimulating the generation of new cells. $110 90 mins Add Microdermabrasion $145

Medicated Detoxifying Facial

This facial will focus on purifying and detoxifying the skin with a deep-cleansing, detoxifying enzyme exfoliation with high frequency, extractions if needed and an anti-bacterial purifying treatment mask.  This facial is ideal with anyone with problematic skin such as acne, or congested skin with blackheads or whitehead. $100 / 1 hour 15 min

Double Infusion Brightening Facial

This facial is designed to brighten the skin from hyperpigmentation. Includes enzyme brightening  exfoliation, skin brightening complex and skin brightening mask.$95 1 hour


Skin Awakening Facial and Peel

This signature facial & peel takes skin to a whole new level of health and appearance. We create a serious peel that minimizes fine lines, reduces pigmentation, softens skin tissue, smoothes skin texture, and balances hydration. Great for all skin types, skin will undergo an amazing transformation, minimizing fine lines, firming slackened tissue, and improving overall skin texture.$145 1 hour and 30 mins

Deep pore cleanse with extractions and high frequency

To heal lesions and help control acne while balancing sebaceous activity. Loosens skin impurities for easier extractions. This treatment includes double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, and high frequency $75 1 hour

Microdermabrasion with enzymes

Quick and painless accelerated skin exfoliation. Removal of dead skin cells jump start new skin cells to create a beautiful healthy glow. Series of treatments can treat hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, dryness, fine line and wrinkles, and minor acne scars.  Paired with an enzyme mask  customize to your skin needs. Can be performed every two weeks. This treatment is finished off with an oxygen pulsation or infusion treatment.$90 45 mins

Chemical Peels

These are a range of specific peelings for improvement of skin discoloration, fine lines,
coarse texture, acne, enlarged pores, and dull, lifeless skin.

Progressive Peel

This peel removes the outer most layer of the skin. Flaking will begin 2-3 days after peel is applied. With repeated treatments skin will continue to experience mild sloughing. For best results a series of 6 treatments should be performed 2 weeks apart. $75

Mid Depth Peel

This peel affects the deeper layer of the skin and exfoliation will occur 2-3 days after peel is applied. Peeling consists of flaking similar to a sunburn. Mid-depth peels can be done every 3-4 weeks to maintain results. $85

Deep Peel

This peel affects the deepest epidermal layers. The skin undergoes considerable peeling, which occurs 3-4 days after peel is applied. The peeling process will continue for 7-10 days. Day 3 and 4 you will experience the most peeling. These peels can be done every 4-6 weeks. $100

Micro Peel -

A combination of microdermabrasion and chemical peel customized to your skin needs. This combination is a more aggressive exfoliation resulting in better results. You will see a mild to moderate flaking depending on the chemical peel applied. A micro-peel will have a the same results as a chemical peel, this treatment gets you there twice as fast results. $95